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HITZ Baseball & Softball Training Facility offers an array of services that you might be interested in.

 We rent our facility for events like your upcoming birthday party. We offer membership cards for batting cages that range from one to three months in length. Look below to find out what service best fits what you are looking for. You can also contact us at 586-948-HITZ for any assistance.


HITZ is south east Michigan's premier training center, with a regulation indoor infield! Our field has no poles in the way, like some of the other facilities in the area.

Train like the pro's, and make your reservation today! Take Infield practice, all year round! Only at HITZ!

Coaches, We bring a whole new level of team preparation at HITZ! Sure, you can hit and throw in cages all winter long, but on our indoor field you can:

- Practice infield (grounders)    - Practice bunt coverages   - Practice stealing against live pitchers  -Practice Base Running

- Practice throwing out runners!  - Practice cut-off drills! - Practice hitting against live pitchers in real game situations!



HITZ Chesterfield offers its customers the convenience of housing a total of (7) indoor batting cages/pitching tunnels. On the main floor, we offer (2) batting cages, (50 x 15) and also a pitching tunnel for 50' and lower distances. On the upper level, we offer (3) additional batting cages, (70 x 15), and (1) pitching tunnels (70x12). 1 pitching Tunnel is set up with a clay/dirt pitching mound and wall mounted radar gun. This allows teams to use HITZ for all of their hitting needs, (drills, etc.), along with having the option of having pitchers and catchers get their time in.

Birthday Parties

Includes: , 2 1/2 hours of celebration time with 1 ½ hours of field time,

Field Time is good for baseball, softball, kickball, dodge ball, football, or even Wiffle Ball……….




HITZ Chesterfield is THE PERFECT place to have your child's special event!

Great baseball or softball atmosphere! and even wiffle ball, dodge ball, football, Kick Ball and more...

Play actual games, hit in the cages, jam to some great music

A truly unique baseball/softball experience for the birthday boy/girl!

Please contact us for more information, pricing and availability

Give your child a baseball/softball themed birthday party in our 20,000 sq ft. indoor baseball/softball facility.

The basic birthday package includes 2 1/2 of celebration time Which gives you  1 1/2 hours of field rental included, plus additional 1 hr celebration time for hosting food and presents.

Total Cost: $300.00

(add an additional 1/2 hour of field rental can be purchased for $100.00 Add a baseball/softball instructor for only $70.00 p/h)

For More Information you can call us at (586) 948-HITZ






Cage Rental

Half Hour……$25.00

1 hour………$40.00

 Pitching Tunnel …$50.00
                 (1 hour with Radar)

*Teams that purchase block of hours of cage rental get a discounted rate, contact HITZ for team package rates*


Half Hour Private………$40.00

1 hour Private…..………$70.00

Semi- Private Hour……$80.00

Small Group Lesson......$30.00
(per player)
Team Mini Camp………$400.00
   (includes 1 ½ hour of field time for lesson)

HITZ 6 Pack…………$375.00
(6 hours of private lessons)


Field Rental

1 hour………..$175.00

*Teams that purchase 25-30 hours of field time get a discounted rate*

Call or email to get current monthly specials as we are always offering discounts, packages and specials

Call for Team Packages, or email and we can put a package together to fit your team budget!!!!!

VIP Cage Card

Entitles ½ hour of cage time per day for the entire month

*Excludes Mon-Fri 6-8pm

3 Month……$275.00