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HITZ is pleased to announce our upcoming training schedule:



Now that the weather has turned on us, it is that time of year to start to get to work! We have some of the best training options for kids and are excited to provide the opportunity for our local players to work hard during the offseason. 

Other facilities conduct similar camps in small, cramped cages with many limitations. Our spacious 12,000 sq. ft. indoor field allows for our camp participants to get the best kind of training with no limitations. 

HITZ was built for this!! Our campers can field live grounders, make real throws, do real baserunning drills, and is great for all infielders, pitchers, and catchers alike! No other facility can allow pitchers to work on pick off moves, and defense. No other facility can allow for catchers to throw down to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, in a real baseball environment. Of course, no other facility can simulate real game situations w/ live pitchers, catcher, hitters, and fielders. That’s why our camps are so effective for its participants.

Its during the off season that you need to spend the most time perfecting your game. Currently HITZ Baseball & Softball Training Center is running an array of camps to help you; like our defense camp, hitting camp, and our skills camp. Availability in these camps are limited so please sign up today.

Hitting Camps

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Pitching Camps

Pitching camp details

Fielding Camps

Rookie Camps